The International Institute for Field-Being


2018 American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting

January 2018 * Savannah, GA



Session I- Understanding Ethics as Fields of Relations

Chair: Sietske Dijkstra (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)



Jea Sophia Oh (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)

      "Ethics of Vulnerability, A Whiteheadian Comparison of John Caputo and Catherine


Joseph E. Harroff (University of Hawai'i)

      "Rethinking Creativity in Ru Role Ethics in Light of Post-Guodian Interpretations of

       Resolute Human Becoming"

Therese B. Dykman (Fairfield University)

      "Care, Wonder, Hope and Enjoy: Four Field Being Ethical Actions"


Session II- Understanding Metaphysical and Experiential Fields

Chair: Therese B. Dykeman (Fairfield University)



James Clement van Pelt (Yale University)

      "Field Being and the Dynamics of Experience"

Sietske Dijkstra (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

      "Anger, Violence and Coercive Control Affecting the Fields of Field Being"

Laura Weed (The College of Saint Rose)

      "Relational Metaphysics"