The International Institute for Field-Being


2017 American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting

January 4 - 7, 2017 * Baltimore, MD



Session I-  Substantialism, Racism and Other Forms of Trauma

Chair: Jennifer McErlean (Siena College)



James Clement Van Pelt (Yale University)

     “Gross, Subtle, Mental Fields: Field Being as the Interaction of Three Ontic and Three

      Epistemological Subfields"

Sietske Dijkstra (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

     "Trauma and Field Being Decoherence"

Christopher Santos-Long (Madison, WI)

      "Is Evaluatism (Political Polarization) a Consequence of a Substantialist World View?”

Maja Milčinski (University of Ljubljana–Slovenia)

     “The Invention of (Racist) History of Philosophy"


Session II-  Whitehead and Field-Being Philosophy

Chair: Christopher Santos-Long (Madison, WI)



Laura Weed (The College of Saint Rose)

     “Whitehead, Field Being, and Panpsychism”

Melanie Johnson-Moxley (University of Missouri-Columbia)

     “A Whiteheadian Approach to Higher Education in the 21st Century”

Miran Bozovic (University of Ljubljana–Slovenia)

     ”Transparency of Thought: Descartes, Berkeley, and Diderot”