The International Institute for Field-Being


2016 American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting

January 6 - 9, 2016 * Washington, DC



Session I- Field Being in Asian and Comparative Perspective

Chair: James Clement Van Pelt (Yale University)



Robert Sherman (Columbia College of Missouri)

     “Kant and Dōgen: A Theory of Time and Human Experience”

Laura Weed (The College of Saint Rose)

     “Yoga Practice Lends Support to Embodied and Extended Theories in Neuroscience”

Maja Milčinski (University of Ljubljana–Slovenia)

     “Rethinking Global Philosophy”


Session II-  Exploring Fields of Interaction

Chair: Laura Weed (The College of Saint Rose)



James Clement Van Pelt (Yale University)

     “Exploring Thoughts, Feelings, and Sensations as Discrete but Interacting Fields”

Sietske Dijkstra (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

     “The Intersection of Interacting Fields in a Social Dynamic of Home”

Melanie Johnson-Moxley (University of Missouri and Columbia College)

     “A Whiteheadian Assessment of Disruption”

Miran Bozovic (University of Ljubljana–Slovenia)

     ”Ethics and Metaphysics in Diderot’s Jacques the Fatalist”