The International Institute for Field-Being


2014 American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting

December 27 - 30, 2014 * Philadelphia, PA



Session GIV 1-  The Ecology of Field Being

Chair: Maja Milčinski (University of Ljubljana)

Commentator: Melanie Johnson-Moxley (Columbia College)



Laura Weed (The College of Saint Rose)

     “Holmes Ralston III’s Field Ontology and Deep Ecology”

Miran Bozovic (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

     “Diderot’s Ontology and Hollywood Metaphysics”

Sietske Dijkstra (Independent Scholar)

     “Injured Love Beyond Language: Applying Polanyi’s Tacit Dimension to the Amelioration

      of High-Conflict Divorce” 


Session GVIII 7- Field Being Ontology and Self-Hood

Chair and Commentator: Laura Weed (The College of Saint Rose)



Melanie Johnson-Moxley (Columbia College)

     “Saving the Data: The Ālayavijñāna of Yogācāra Buddhism and Whitehead’s Philosophy

      of Organism”

Maja Milčinski (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

     “Transcending the Eqo by Entering the Gateless Dao”

James Clement van Pelt (Yale University)

     “Mindbody at the Gateless Gate: Feral Explorations of the Tacit Dimension Beyond

      the Theta Point”

Therese Dykeman (Fairfield University)

     “Silence at the Non-substanial Turn”