The International Institute for Field-Being


2011 American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting

December 27 - 30, 2011 * Washington, DC

Session GVIII-6.  Field Being, Energy and Death

Chair: David White (Saint John Fisher College)



Maja Milcinski (University of Ljubljana-Slovenia)

      “Soteriological Aspects of Death and Dying”

Miran Bozovic (University of Ljubljana-Slovenia)

      “Diderot’s Philosophy of Energy and Death”

GXII-2. Field Being in American and Asian Philosophy

Chair: Maja Milcinski (University of Ljubljana-Slovenia)



David White (Saint John Fisher College)

      “Dewey, Whitehead and Field Being”

Laura Weed (College of Saint Rose)

      “James’ More, Panpsychism, and Daoism”

Sarah Vollmer (University of Alabama–Birmingham)

      “Daoism and Ethics”

Gereon Kopf (Luther College)

      “Zen Buddhist Ethics, between Legalism and Transgression”