The International Institute for Field-Being


December 2010

GVI-5. International Institute for Field-Being 7:30-10:30 p.m. Topic: Field Being Ethics, Metaphysics, and Methodology Chair: Therese B. Dykeman (Fairfield University) Speakers: Hwa Yol Jung (Moravian College) “Transversality as a New Paradigm in Philosophizing” Gereon Kopf (Luther College) “Precepts and Transgression: Ethics Between Legalism and Antinomianism” Sarah Vollmer (University of Alabama–Birmingham) “Daoism Leaving Convention Behind?” Laura Weed (College of Saint Rose) “The Metaphysics of Quantum Field Theory”

GXII-1. International Institute for Field-Being 11:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m. Topic: Metaphysics and Methodology Chair: Maja Milcinkski (University of Ljubljuna-Slovenia) Speakers: K. R. Sundararajan (St. Bonaventure University) “One and Many, Brahman and the Dao” Walter Gulick (University of Tartu–Estonia/Missouri Western University) “Polanyi and Field Being”