The International Institute for Field-Being


December 2004

GIV-2. International Institute for Field-Being 2:00-5:00 p.m., Northeastern (Third Floor) Chair: David E. White (St. John Fisher College) Speakers: Lik Kuen Tong (Fairfield University) "Dao (Tao) and De (Te): The Language of Empowered Activity in the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching)" Maja Milcinski (Ljubljana University-Slovenia) "Paradox as a Tool of Liberation: The Notion of Reality in Daoism" May Sim (College of the Holy Cross) "Qi as Cause" C. Wesley DeMarco (Clark University and Assumption College) "The Experience of Qi" Wiley Kim Rogers (East Tennessee University) "Traditional Chinese Beliefs and Practices: Toward an Understanding of Human Life as a Context-dependent System" Kwang-Sae Lee (Kent State University) "Rorty and Chinese Philosophy" Rong-po Chen (Tunghai University-Taiwan) "The Comparative Views of Aesthetics between I-Ching and the Later Heidegger"

GX-5. International Institute for Field-Being 7:00-10:00 p.m., Massachusetts (Fifth Floor) Chair: Laura E. Weed (College of Saint Rose) Speakers: Curt Naser (Fairfield University) "Particle Relations" Jesper Garsdal (University of Aarhus-Denmark) "Field-Being, Buddhafields, and the Onto-dia-logical Difference in Worldphilosophy" Hwa-Yol Jung (Moravian College) "Interbeing and Geophilosophy" David White (St. John Fisher College) Ij5~~ ~"Can (Field-Being) Virtue Be Taught?" Henrik Klindt-Jensen (University of Aarhus-Denmark) "Plato and Kierkegaard" Brian Henning (Mount St. Mary's College and Seminary) "Reaffirming Whitehead's Universe of Value: An 'Ecstatic' Challenge to the Classical Interpretation" Laura E. Weed (College of Saint Rose) "William James's Philosophy of Religion and Contemporary Fi