The International Institute for Field-Being


December 2001

International Institute for Field-Being, Fayette Topic: Taoism, Phenomenology, and Buddhism Chair: Albert Shansky Speakers: Lik Kuen Tong, "The Notion of Jiao: Desire and Being in the Daodejing" Gereon Kopf, "The Search for the Invisible: The Phenomenologies of Merleau-Ponty and Dogen"

International Institute for Field-Being, DeKalb Topic: Field-Being, Deconstruction, and Buddhism Chair: Lik Kuen Tong Speakers: Cristal Hsiao-Hui Huang, "Tracing the Margins of Writing and the Disclosure of Field-Being" Lori L. Witthaus, "Neither the Same Nor Different: The Problem of Personal Identity and Continuity in Theravada Buddhist Philosophy" Albert Shansky, "Marxism, Existentialism and Buddhism: A Field-Being Journey of Ideas"