The International Institute for Field-Being


December 2000

International Institute for Field-Being, Harlem Suite Topic: Field-Being, Postmodernism, and Eastern Thought Chair: Lik Kuen Tong Speaker: Lik Kuen Tong, "The Radical Nothing and the Trinity of Dao: Field-Being, Heidegger, ant the Perennial Tradition" Speaker: Qingjie Wang, "Heng Dao and Appropriation of Nature: A Hermeneutic Interpretation of Laozi" Speaker: Cristal Hsiao-Hui Huang, "The Fold of Being as a Philosophical 'Dehors': Field-Being and Deleuze's Mode of Thinking" Speaker: Jin Young Park, "Postmodern Field-Being: JeanFrancois Lyotard's Small Discourse in the Huayen World of shishi wuai"

International Institute for Field-Being, Holland Suite Topic: Freedom, Transience, and Hope Chair: Albert Shansky Speaker: Curt W. Naser, "Field and Freedom" Speaker: Claudia Bickmann, "Kant's Metaphysics Between Knowledge and Belief" Speaker: Laura Weed, "A Relational Philosophy of Mind: East and West" Speaker: Maja Milcinski, "Transience in Chinese and Japanese Philosophy: The Philosophical Relevance of the Notion of Ji" Speaker: Anya Steinbauer, "The Philosophical Place of the Concept of Hope"