The International Institute for Field-Being


December 1998

International Institute for Field-Being, Lincoln Ballroom East Pragmatism, Contextualism, and FieldBeing Lik Kuen Tong Lewis Edwin Hahn, "Contextualism and AntiSubstantialism" King Dykeman, "The Pragmatism of William James" Lik Kuen Tong, "The Story of Appropriation: the Hidden Narrative"

International Institute for Field-Being, Bancroft Topic: German Idealism and Field-Being Chair: Kwang-Sae Lee Speaker: Bock-Ja Kim, "A Comparative Idea of the Good: Buddhist Sunyata and Hegelian Absolute Idea" Speaker: Laura E. Weed, "Sunyata and Kant's Noumena"

International Institute for Field-Being, Adams Topic: Language, Consciousness and Field-Being Chair: Curt R. Naser Speaker: Walter Benesch, "Possibilities for Consciousness vs. Consciousness as Possibility" Speaker: Jude Jones, "Intensity and Consciousness from a Whiteheadean Perspective" Speaker: Curt R. Naser, "Kant, Organic Aesthetics, and Pluralism"

International Institute for Field Being, Adams Topic: Buddhism, Hermeneutics, and Field-Being Chair: Chenyang Li Speaker: Bong-Kil Chung,"Sunyavada and Non-Substantialist Metaphysics" Speaker: Anja Steinbauer, "An Exercise in Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics" Speaker: Young-Sook Lee, "On Language: Its Nature and Experience"